Rumours of our demise are greatly exaggerated

Published in Offshore Investment, June 23, 2010 Whilst the taxpaying public and corporations in many G20 jurisdictions are battling the effects of their increased taxation, in fact international capital is starting flow once again; hedge fund returns are up-ticking. Against

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Letter to Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald 2 November, 2009 Dear Sir, Your article (Future Fund enjoys tax break in Cayman Islands – October 30th) repeats an unfortunate and erroneous stereotype not assisted by the comments of your Institute of Chartered Accountants. The Cayman

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Speech at the CATO Institute

Washington DC, October 9, 2009 Distinguished panelists, distinguished colleagues, ladies and gentlemen Good afternoon As you now know, my name is Anthony Travers and I was until recently the senior partner of the largest law firm in the Cayman Islands

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Caymans Illustration Adds to Illusion

Financial Times 5 June 2009 From Mr Anthony Travers. Sir, The presentation of your story “US probes target British business” (June  1) would lead readers to suspect that an avalanche of US-inspired investigations  is about to descend on the Cayman

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