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Mr Morgenthau and the Cayman Islands

Published in IFC Review 6 June 2012 Whilst it is recognised that Mr Robert Morgenthau’s career as New York Attorney General was both long and distinguished, it had been hoped by many observers that his views of offshore financial centres

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The Offshore Debate: To Avoid or Not To Avoid

Originally Published in Cititrust EDGE E-magazine May 2012 Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the debate concerning the offshore financial jurisdictions, specifically the British Overseas Territories and the Crown Dependencies, is the extent to which representatives of the “high tax

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Mr. Romney and the Cayman Islands

Published in IFC Review, March 2012 It is remarkable testimony as to the failure of the public relations campaigns of the offshore jurisdictions, and the Cayman Islands in particular, that of the 313 news items from around the world published

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The Road about to be Travelled

May, 2011 A recent in development in European Court of Justice shone a thin beacon of sanity that, for a moment, bathed all financial centres in a positive glow. Hopefully, this will portend further similar developments and will thereby assist

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Rules of Engagement

The Lawyer 30 April 2001 “Time longer than rope” may describe the lackadaisical lifestyle of the Caribbean jurisdictions, but there has been nothing lackadaisical about the legislative response to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) initiatives. A June

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Cayman Hedge Fund Services Report

Published: HedgeWeek January 13, 2011 There’s no doubt the global financial meltdown has resulted in a fundamentally changed set of financial and regulatory circumstances and a more hostile political environment. Yet it is perverse that the Cayman Islands has been

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